C.M.S. NAVKAR Pre-Primary School

A Large well ventilated 600 Sq. feet hall furnished with beautiful furniture, sitting arrangements is our pride! The walls of this hall are painted; with large colorful picture from nursery rhymes. Plenty of toys, Color-blocks and other equipment, for the toddlers to enjoy learning is made available. Beautiful small Chairs and Large rectangular tables for diverse activities are provided. Pre-primary syllabus is child centered and play way method is introduced here! Apart from formal education we guide the children to try vegetable printing, thumb printing, college work and many others things. We give children opportunity to sing and dance on the stage from the age 21/2 and children merrily and confidently dance on the stage.

In Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg, benches are scientifically designed for small children to sit comfortably without stress. Students are provided here with more of formal education and sports. We have introduced :

We have introduced COMPUTERS from Sr. Kg. itself so that they have their hands set on it as they grow ahead.

We have trained, qualified and enthusiastic staff for our pre-primary section and the base of education is scientific and based on child psychology.

No strict discipline at this stage, is our motto, so the children are happy and burden free.

The Navkar pre-primary section students are nurtured in free, loving & caring atmosphere and given gull opportunity to grow happily and participate in all school activities with confidence and joy.

C.M.S. has also started a new PLAY – GROUP. This play – group is specially for the kids of age one and a half years (1.1/2 yrs) and above. Scientifically it proved that, kids of this age have the better observation power and they can improvise their grasping power, We manage to keep them active by various colorful and interesting toys as well as books. Below are some of the toys and books we have for this small toddlers.

Our kids manage to know things at the age of 3 years while others learn at the age of 5 yrs. There are many other competitions also for them which we make them participate.